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Five Roll Dice Game Description:

This phrase originated from the advent of gambling using a six-sided die. So when people roll the dice, they hope to get a number, usually number 7, and then win some money. … So the phrase became used in everyday life as taking a chance or a risk to get something worthwhile.

The phrase Rolling the dice means something that happens due to chance, to have unprotected sex, especially with a stranger. Refers to the risk involved by the potential for STD infection or accidental pregnancy. example : Dave: Dude, I had to roll the dice with this hot chick from the party last weekend.

Yes, but it isn’t easy. Unlike advantage play in blackjack, dice control is a physical skill rather than a purely mental talent. Even worse, since the influence is marginal and inconsistent, assessing dice control properly is a challenging statistical process.

The easiest way to cheat is to simply lie about the result. Rolling in an obscured location and the disturbing or scooping up the dice will prevent other players from being able to verify the number, but is bad practice whether you are cheating or not and other players may become suspicious.

Small cubes of plastic, ivory, bone, or wood, marked on each side with one to six spots, usually used in pairs in games of chance or in gambling. … any of various games, especially gambling games, played by shaking and throwing from two to six dice or poker dice onto a flat surface.
Five Roll Dice Game
Five Roll Dice Game

Excellent application for all types of table games and home games.

– 3D dice
– Color configuration
– Choose the number given
– Shake to roll the dice
– Shows dice in the incorrect position

What’s New:

*Added option to mute sound
*Some interstitial ads were removed
Version 0.8 (6)
Updated Aug 15, 2019 (1 year ago)
Category GamesCraps
ID com.electro_tex.dices
Installs 50,000+

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Five Roll Dice Game


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